7 Jun

These were two shots from my Bali trip that I really connected with while going through hundreds of other ones. I find a lot of peace and harmony in them. They mark major moments of my journey, and they both happened without a lot of thought in other words, subconsciously.

Monk Seal

1 May

After shooting with Waves Hawaii Surf school I ran into an old buddy of mine who was soaking in some sun. Here are a few shots…


16 Apr

La Boca

23 Mar


La Boca is a very touristy area of Buenos Aires, that is where these shots are from. My favorite thing about them is how many different colors you can see in one area. Some of these colors you would never place next to each other but they actually come together bringing life to the streets. I have tons more but I figured I’d release a few.

Turtle Town

1 Mar

This morning my friend Brad and I went out to Makena for a little free diving. My goal was to capture turtles using my new SPL underwater housing, we ended up finding a family of three and swam with them for a little while. These are some of my favorite shots from that session. This is the third time I have taken it out and had a blast. There will be much more to come.

Randy Jacksons

22 Feb

Here is a few images from the past couple of weeks. It is a bit of a random mix of great moments.

keep on going

18 Feb

Here are two different shots, from two different areas on the north side of Maui. These pictures were takenĀ  last week, It had been a while since I updated last so I owed it to everyone that keeps checking back.

Pe’ahi (the rest of the shots)

5 Jan


4 Jan

Here are some pictures taken this morning at Pe’ahi. There are more to come…

Rainbow Country

28 Dec


Topless in Rainbow Country

13 Dec

These were all taken over the course of two days, I think they really showcase some of the amazing views that Maui has to offer from ordinary locations.

In this image I love the contrast between nature and society.

This is the view of the West Maui Mountains from my roof top, which is one of my favorite hang out spots during sunset.

this rainbow shot was taken from the same location except I was facing the opposite direction and it was a few minutes later.

And this is the last picture I shot before going back in the house and barbecuing some delicious chicken!


25 Nov


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